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21st Editions celebrates the publication of ,"Toward Omega", featuring the photographs of Vincent Serbin.


21st Editions is now celebrating sixteen years of The Art of the Book! In this series of sixteen emails we are sharing with you a chronology of highlights, events and stories from the beginning of our unique publishing endeavor up until now. We hope you enjoy them.

Life is serendipitous. In 1990 or so I found myself at the Saratoga Jazz Festival to see Dave Brubeck and Pat Metheny. They had artisan vendor tents set up and among them was a photographer who's work I was immediately attracted to. I decided to purchase my very first photograph. It happened to be by Vincent Serbin, who 13 years later, I ended up crossing paths with again and decided to publish, provided that he was able to make all of the prints for the project. He did. John Wood paired Vincent's photographs with the brilliance of Daniel Westover (poet, professor and literary critic) who constructed a poem for each image, which is a difficult task indeed. [less]




A Conversation with Award Winner Vincent Serbin


Each year at Castell Photography we host an international juried exhibition, each one utilizing a different theme as well as welcoming a guest curator. This year’s competition, “Road”, was conceived and curated by an esteemed champion of photography: collector, dealer, teacher, writer, W.M. Hunt. “Road” is meant to include a wide range of photographs from landscape to portraiture, anything that suggests a journey. Hunt chose a Juror’s Choice Award winner, and the gallery selected it’s Gallery Choice Award winner, Vincent Serbin. This isn’t Serbin’s 1st time exhibiting at Castell Photography – he was also included in last year’s juried exhibition, Manipulated, curated by Ariel Shanberg. We were pleased to see his entry for this year’s exhibition, and were delighted to see his work chosen for the show!




An artist in his prime

byPaul Smart

April 08, 2010 12:16 PM | 0  | 13  |  | 

To see the simple art of photograms in Vincent Serbin’s new work, opening in an exhibition entitled Raw Objects Appear Life Size, 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, April 10 at Galerie BMG on Tannery Brook Road, is not altogether easy. For one, there’s the immensity of the Woodstock artist’s rich sense of style, evident before in his renowned but unique negative collage process, which brought nudes together with landscape and the ephemeral elements of memory in a dreamlike fashion. Then there’s the questions that arise as to how Serbin’s gotten such effects now, using a totally new technique.

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Toward Omega 
Photographs by Vincent Serbin
Poems by Daniel Westover
Introduction by John Wood 
Edition: 60 numbered copies 
10 bound, plus 1 free-standing, fully signed silver gelatin prints
14 x 11 inches
Handcrafted New England






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